feelings lists

There are many ‘feelings lists’ in circulation; being a pernickety sort of a person I have objections to most of them, including the copyrighted (!) lists produced by CNVC.  These include many words which I would more likely use to label or describe other peoples’ behaviour, especially if I was writing a novel, rather than to express what is truly alive in me. They also include a mixture of nouns and adjectives, which I find confusing. So, I made my own, more restricted, lists of words which ring true for me as ‘feelings’ I might actually feel; I revise and change it often, and I invite you do the same!

Feelings divide conveniently into those which we instinctively enjoy and seek out, and those which are uncomfortable for us and which we generally try to avoid. In one sense you could say there are only two feelings – pleasant and unpleasant, and note also that even that is not necessarily a helpful distinction, as an unpleasant feeling gives us as much valuable information about our needs as a pleasant one. There is often greater potential for learning and growth when we experience discomfort than when we experience ease!

Feelings when our needs are met
Feelings when our needs are NOT met