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NbC  with Graham Timmins (Beyond the Right Words):

Many workshops I give are tailor-made to the situation and the participants. However, there are some programmes and modules I have run a number of times, which you can choose from if you’d like to book a workshop for your local group or organisation. See a ‘shopping list’ here! We can also adapt to your precise needs, so please get in touch to discuss!


Coming up soon: (contact me here to book)

Yes, No and Maybe – In the workplace, in families, in relationships of all kinds I see people struggling to find clear answers to the requests and demands others make of them. We say ‘yes’ when we mean ‘no’, ‘no’ when we mean ‘yes’ and ‘maybe’ when we don’t know what else to say!  Confusion and misunderstanding is the inevitable result.  In this workshop we’ll look at what makes it so hard to give clear and truthful answers and what we can do about it. Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal,  Sun 5th November, donation. *intro to NbC available on Saturday 4th*

Body, heart and mind  – Most of us rely heavily on one or two centres out of the 7 available. By balancing the three primary centres (physical, emotional, intellectual), we have greater resources for everyday living and also gain the energy to access the blissful higher centres. Moving between observations, feelings and needs is a great way to do this balancing, provided that we also include physical actions. Paying attention to how the different needs connect with the centres is something else we’ll explore in this brand new workshop, specially created for yogis and dancers!   Quinta da Calma, Almancil, Algarve, Portugal,  Sun 12th November, donation. *intro to NbC available on Saturday 11th*

From Shame to Joy – Shame and guilt are such rich veins of healing to tap, connecting with the wounded but ever resourceful inner child, paralysing core beliefs which block our growth and the very roots of violence itself. We’ll explore with care and tenderness the sensitive wounds of shame, and shine light on some dark corners of the soul, where we’ll find precious hidden treasures! Stroud, Saturday 18th November – Sunday 19th, £120 – £180

Consenting to intimacy – many of us want more intimacy in our lives, but don’t know how to choose intimate connections with safety and care for our own vulnerability and the other person’s. This workshop explores the many issues around intimacy from a needs-based perspective. It will be rich and fun and offers the potential for a significant shift in your experience of intimacy. Venue and date TBA.

Practice group in Stroud –  please enquire