Workshops: Three-Way Communication

“Behind every action … is an attempt to meet a human need”. Marshall Rosenberg, founder of NVC .

This workshop introduces the principles and practices of Needs-based or Nonviolent Communication (NbC /NVC), which invites us to consider a different way of talking to each other – and to ourselves. Instead of the subtle or obvious judging and critiquing we often engage in, we learn instead to pay more attention to our own feelings. We use our feelings as a guide to our deeper needs and values and bring these to the forefront in our daily interactions. In this way we express ourselves in a way which stands a better chance of being heard, and we gain compassion and understanding for others by seeing what lies behind their actions.

I call it three-way because as well as listening to others with empathy and expressing ourselves honestly, effective communication depends primarily on our ability to connect with what is alive and meaningful in ourselves.

This practical and experiential weekend workshop is for you if you would like to deepen the quality of your connection with partners, work colleagues, family and friends, and of course with your own self.

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