feedback from Core Beliefs workshops

(Not sure what core beliefs are? – check here first!)

“This process really turned things around. I love how the very thing that seemed to be my weakness and biggest hindrance could actually turn out to be an asset that helps me to get my needs met rather than the opposite. I feel strengthened and I’ve gained greater understanding of my path. Thank you Graham for creating this process and putting so much heart into it! I really feel your full commitment to the work and to being there for me. I hope this reaches many people because I think a lot of people could benefit greatly from your work!” Helena Johansson, Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2022.

“When I saw the event (advertised) I immediately knew, without knowing why, that it was meant for me to follow. And then a wonderful process happened. I took my chance to go through the process and I am still so happy about it. Graham guided me all the way through by asking me questions, standing with me when I was in pain, and maybe most important holding space so I felt safe to dive into my pain. From this deepening experience there was space to create a new core belief!
I am so grateful, Graham, for your workshop and for your ‘being there’. I would love to follow more workshops with you!” Dorien R., Diest, Belgium, November 2021.

“You recently led me through a core belief transformation process; a process which had so much value for me that it is hard to put in words. I came with the belief that I was ‘unlovable’, and left with a knowledge that not only am I super-lovable, but also that it’s when I bring my whole true self, that deep loving connection is most possible.
You held me and the space with such delicate care and attention, whilst also challenging me to dig into the depths of what I understood about my life journey. This process you’ve curated supported me to honour some parts of myself and my journey that I have found so difficult to face in the past.
I noticed your adapting the process to what I was feeling and needing in the moment – providing opportunities for eye-connection, access to lists of needs, space and rest when my attention was taken elsewhere – all testament to your ability to really see what was going on for me, and how at home you feel in guiding people through this process. Thank you for all of this”. Jenni Sanderson, Cornwall, September 2021.

“Powerful, perceptive, direct, effective, celebratory, insightful. I valued being called to witness such an honouring of human experience. I valued your naturalness, honesty and humour in making the experience feel authentic. I particularly enjoyed your openness to collaboration around the new story. I admired your ability to sense ‘not-quite-rightness’ and (to) challenge the participant to reach a (deeper) truth. Your confidence and perceptivity held a difficult process together (and) kept it focused and safe. Thank you!” Lucy C., Edinburgh, August 2021.

“Well structured and very understandable. I liked the way you made a safe space for all participants and not just the (issue holders). It felt like you were really there for them and truly understood where they were coming from. You did not lead them, but stood alongside them.” Sue Prescott, Norwich, August 2021.

“A painful process, a beautiful process in an equal mix. Cathartic and freeing. Liberating and allowing much more ease in my body. ‘Having the courage to show my pain guarantees my belonging!’ is my new belief!” F. D., Belper, August 2021.

“I found the workshop very insightful and empowering. It is a very useful way of changing the core beliefs you have within yourself and becoming more in tune with yourself. It is also a very good way of showing support and care for others”. Ella Birch, Colchester, August 2021.

“In October 2018 I attended a NVC weekend led by Clare Palmer and Graham, as part of which Graham helped us to identify some of our core beliefs and took one person through the process of transforming a belief. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I fully identified my key core belief as “Nobody likes me”. My conviction was not that everybody disliked me, just that they didn’t actively like me: I wasn’t interesting, fun, entertaining, or any of the other things that would make people like me. I knew logically that this couldn’t be true, but I also knew that deep down I believed it, and I saw how it influenced my behaviour; I would try to get people to like me, I would help people and give people practical support even if I didn’t want to or was busy or tired, because I thought this was the only way I could get people to like me. Before I identified the belief, I thought I was acting in that way because it was who I was, and I was doing the right thing. It was only when I identified the belief that ‘nobody likes me’, that I saw the negative emotions that were driving my behaviour, and that it wasn’t helpful either to me or those around me.

When I next saw Graham, over a year later, he took me through the transformation process, looking at how the belief had built up in me, how it may have benefited me in some ways in my early life, and what it had cost me, before transforming the belief.

This was a very emotional process and Graham guided me through it with care and skill, taking the time to check I was ok, never rushing me, encouraging me to keep moving through the process, while showing empathy for my feelings and making it obvious he was there for me. Before going through the process I wouldn’t have believed that something that could be completed in less than an hour would have such a huge effect on me. The old belief is gone and I now find it easier to interact with people while taking account of what I want, not just trying to keep them happy.”   Barney Phillips, Colchester, March 2020.

“I’m grateful for Graham’s experience with core beliefs and the way he facilitated the dancefloor exercise, which brought it alive for me; and for his more edgy, disruptive way of working.” A.L., Colchester, October 2018.

“Gratitude for the care and support showed by Graham during the [Core Beliefs] process he facilitated for me – deeply moved by the transformative effects I felt as a result of the process.” A.Wilson, Colchester, October 2018.

“A powerful workshop! Rich, insightful – the core beliefs work was incredibly moving! Fun and clear energy and presence”. J.W., Colchester, October 2018.

“Graham delivered another set of really challenging and effective workshops … The workshops on shame and core beliefs had a great impact on me – bringing together a lot of strands that I’d been working on for the last few years. I like his style of delivery: direct and supportive – creating an environment to maximise safety and learning. Thank you, Graham – I look forward to working with you again soon.” Sam Dods, Cambridge, August 2018.

“Thanks for holding the perfect space for me to unfold my unresolved past! My first learning about core beliefs was as an observer at your workshop at Rainbow Mill in 2016, which I found powerful, with your expertise, humour, holding and safety for the participants. This year I felt ready to do my own process, and to shake off a core belief of my own. There’s a weight lifted off my shoulders now, can’t wait to get back to do more!”  Catriona Lawless, Galway, Eire, August 2018.

“Thank you for your workshop on “Changing Core Beliefs”. I found it inspiring and useful as it had an immediate result. Your use of tools from (amongst others) Non-violent Communication and NLP, combined with your personal skills, were the basis of an energy that was of great help to the process of your client. I especially liked your integrity towards yourself and your client.” Benine van Vloten, Venlo, Netherlands, June 2018.

“Graham offered a core beliefs process which I accepted, curious to see if I really had any such limiting beliefs holding me back. As an experienced NVC practitioner and CNVC certified trainer, I was surprised to quickly find at least 3 such solid core beliefs. We took one of them to work with, about it being ‘my fault’ if people around me got unhappy. The process was very deep, tender, sometimes funny, surprising, touching and transformative at the end!
One week later the same triggers came up in my life, but this time I reacted differently, without a shade of guilt; I was able to protect myself and keep my dignity intact, instead of being dependent on the other person’s reaction. And I continued to feel care for the other person throughout the encounter. The process has already brought me more ease and competence in handling difficult situations without judging and blaming myself. Thank you Graham!” Agnieszka Pawlik, Wroclaw, Poland, February 2017.

“I would like to thank you, Graham, for taking me through your ‘Transforming Core Beliefs’ dance floor process at camp this summer. I felt very held and secure, and I liked the way you gently guided me at each step, encouraging me to find my truth. (The) workshop has opened up a new way of relating to myself … a new relationship with how I could be within a group of people – definitely more ease, more acceptance of myself.” J.W., August 2017

“The workshop on Transforming Core Beliefs was a very moving experience and it felt very relevant to me. I was glad to witness Graham gently guiding another participant through the process he has developed. I would happily attend another session on this subject.” Marta Pascual Argente, London, August 2017.

“I really enjoyed the Core Beliefs process we did today, your guidance Graham was very clear. I also enjoyed that you put a lot of energy into getting to the core/root of our beliefs by distilling our thoughts, ideas and feelings.
Many needs of mine were met, (such as) inclusion, acceptance, safety, learning, authentic connection and communication and I’m hopeful and excited about what the future will bring now that I said good bye to one of my strongest core beliefs. Thank you Graham for holding the workshop”. Alexandra Lupu, London, July 2017.

“Graham is an assured practitioner, creating safe spaces for people to explore themselves and practise their growth. Very well run and relaxed [Core Beliefs] workshop.” Tom Hitchman, London, July 2017.

“Thanks, Graham – I loved the care for all, inclusiveness and know-how you brought to the [Core Beliefs] workshop, which met my needs for learning and healing”. Rich Waring, Reading, July 2017.

“I have experienced the transformative power of this [Core Beliefs] process & heartily recommend it as a very important healing tool. Graham facilitates the process sensitively & with authority.”  Peter B., Reading May 2017.

“Going through the [Core Beliefs] process was easier than I expected. You were very patient and present without being too intense or expecting, so you gave a lot of space for a genuine response. I had a sense of being protected in a serious but playful way, which supported without creating attachment, if you know what I mean… I  guess I mean, you got out of the way of the flow while expertly directing it when required. So it felt like my achievement that you had merely facilitated.

I admired the way you managed the very tricky moment of looking back and seeing how to incorporate all the met and unmet needs into a new thinking. That seemed quite fluent and natural as people went through it, but actually was very skilfully done. You almost casually offered different thoughts and alternatives, intuitively fishing through everything to find the key elements, recalling things said and the emotional emphasis expressed  at the start of the process that I had already forgotten about. Thank you.” Dorothy O’Grady, Colchester, August 2016.

“Graham supported me and others through a wonderfully effective [Core Beliefs] process for moving beyond old patterns that no longer serve us, in a way that’s dynamic, and creative, and healing, and freeing. It’s also pretty good fun! More please!” Rich Waring, Reading, August 2016.

“During the core belief process I felt really safe. It was easy for me to trust you and open up, so that I could get in touch with my emotions and was not afraid to show them. You gave me time when I needed it and you got me to move when it was necessary so that at the end I was able to fully embrace my new belief”. Andreas Hechenberger, Salzburg, Austria, July 2016.

“I felt safe and supported doing the [Core Beliefs] process, and appreciated your presence, flexibility, understanding and empathy”. Ulrike K, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal, November 2015