Feedback from workshop participants

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“I found the day extremely useful, interesting and reflective. Graham was really engaging and instantly created an open, safe and supportive environment… It really felt as if the team bonded. A lot of the techniques we will take forward in both our personal and professional lives and will alleviate some of the frustrations and energy drain of daily life. Would really recommend the training to anyone wanting to improve their day to day relationships”.      (Ella Robbins, London, October 2023)

“What a fantastic introduction to NbC! Graham was warm, funny, attentive, and really got to know us as individuals. He trained us in new communication techniques with humour and grace and kept us feeling at ease in – at times – unfamiliar and vulnerable territory. Graham got the balance between constructive criticism and encouragement just right, and (I) finished the day feeling excited to practice my new NbC skills”.          (Freya Chambers, Oxford, October 2023)

“It was a really insightful and reflective training, thank you. Useful for both personal and professional situations, learning and development. I enjoyed working through real life practical examples in a supportive environment. It feels like there’s lots more to dig into, so I look forward to (another) team training day in the future”.             (E. N., October 2023).

“This workshop helped me rethink how I connect with others and made me realise that I have a lot to work on in terms of understanding my own feelings and needs”.     (Bella Younger, London, October 2023)

“Extremely thought provoking … valuable in highlighting the importance of my own needs …and how to meet them… challenging and interesting”.             (Nick K., October 2023)

“Graham has helped me to start the journey of understanding my own needs and those of others. It has been a month since the workshop and I really feel the benefit from putting what I learned into practice. This is a great basis upon which I can achieve more harmony in my life and I look forward to the adventure of developing my skills over time. Many thanks to you Graham”.  (Peter F., Reading, November 2021)

“I followed the workshop on ‘Core Beliefs’ with Graham in Belgium…  A wonderful process happened. I took my chance to go through the process and I am still so happy about it. Graham guided me all the way through by asking me questions, standing with me when I was in pain, and maybe most important, holding space so I felt safe to dive into my pain. From this deepening experience there was space to create a new belief! I am so grateful, Graham, for your workshop and for your ‘being there’. I would love to follow more workshops with you!”    (Dorien R., Diest, Belgium, November 2021)

“A very worthwhile and very timely workshop for myself and for our fractured world. Connecting with others on the workshop through vulnerable, shared, human needs was so valuable. I liked constantly mixing up partners so we worked with everyone. Graham is an excellent, empathic and challenging facilitator!”  (Peter D., October 2021)

“Thank you Graham. I found the workshop inspiring, interesting and so helpful to understand myself and my communication better. I have more clarity in understanding my feelings (and) needs and observing my judgements, stories and assumptions. I found it very valuable to deeply understand my needs (before) choosing actions that I can take.” (Lena Leszczyc, Bristol, October 2021)

“Thank you especially for the opportunity to learn new skills in a safe, friendly, peaceful space. Graham you are a kind, caring facilitator, friendly and approachable.” (Catherine Campbell, Princes Risborough, October 2021)

“The course exceeded my expectations and was entirely relevant. I was fully engaged throughout the weekend.” (Roger Millard, Reading, October 2021)

“You recently led me through a core belief transformation process; a process which had so much value for me that it is hard to put in words. I came with the belief that I was ‘unlovable’, and left with a knowledge that not only am I super-lovable, but also that it’s when I bring my whole true self, that deep loving connection is most possible.
You held me and the space with such delicate care and attention, whilst also challenging me to dig into the depths of what I understood about my life journey. This process you’ve curated supported me to honour some parts of myself and my journey that I have found so difficult to face in the past.
I noticed your adapting the process to what I was feeling and needing in the moment – providing opportunities for eye-connection, access to lists of needs, space and rest when my attention was taken elsewhere – all testament to your ability to really see what was going on for me, and how at home you feel in guiding people through this process. Thank you for all of this”.  (Jenni Sanderson, Cornwall, September 2021).

“I loved the slightly risky/irreverent humour throughout. That brought a sense of play, lightness, ease and connection”.  (Aisling Cusack, Leicester, August 2021)

“Powerful, perceptive, direct, effective, celebratory, insightful. I valued being called to witness such an honouring of human experience. I valued your naturalness, honesty and humour in making the experience feel authentic. I particularly enjoyed your openness to collaboration around the new story. I admired your ability to sense ‘not-quite-rightness’ and (to) challenge the participant to reach a (deeper) truth. Your confidence and perceptivity held a difficult process together (and) kept it focused and safe. Thank you!” Lucy C., Edinburgh, August 2021.

“Well structured and very understandable. I liked the way you made a safe space for all participants and not just the (issue holders). It felt like you were really there for them and truly understood where they were coming from. You did not lead them, but stood alongside them.” Sue Prescott, Norwich, August 2021.

“I really enjoyed the weekend. It has been insightful and I liked the way it was delivered. Quite intense and a lot packed in … really important work and much needed in the world. Thanks Graham!” Louise Hurford, Wallingford, January 2020.

“Great facilitating skills in the face of a challenging group dynamic. You shared care and attention fairly to each participant and gave adequate space for questions and concerns. You showed good flexibility and manoeuvrability and responded to the group energy. Thanks so much!” Nac Humphries, Ipsden, Oxon, January 2020.

“Thank you Graham for a revelatory (and perhaps revolutionary?!) workshop! I found it liberating to understand the distinction between words that sound like feelings and the underlying actual feelings (angry, anxious, sad, etc). I saw how “I feel abandoned”- type of communications are mixed with judgements and our own interpretations and stories (stories probably dating back to early childhood, hence not much to do with the person we are communicating with). It was so interesting to look at the deeper feelings underneath and then to identify the beautiful and universal needs behind the feelings. Very useful!”. Elisabeth Winkler, January 2020.

“Today I attended a workshop on ‘Anger, Guilt and Shame’ with Graham.
I discovered a padlock around my heart.
A lock that had prevented me from writing freely.
A lock that had blocked the gateway to my feelings.
A lock that had kept me away from my true desires and let me get lost in my thoughts.
Circling in self-blame, wandering around in self-accusations.
I’d lost myself.
And hadn’t even realized it.
I found a lock called “shame”.

Today I was able to connect with that shame, which had prevented me from feeling what I needed most (self-connection) and had kept me away from my favourite way of getting there (writing).
Today I was able to lovingly embrace my “Voice of shame” and – after a long time away – to reconnect with myself.
And suddenly everything flows.
I can feel what’s alive in my body again.
I can find words for my needs again.
I can be kind to myself again.

Tonight I was able to receive my tired children’s tears and upset – after they’d been playing all day and half the night – without losing myself in it.
I can stay centered tonight, because I have found myself again and I’m happy to be home again with myself.” Evelien Lombaert, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, December 2019.

“Because of the mixture of short explanations with lots of practical exercises, I felt enthusiastic and my needs for both learning and experiencing were met. I was also grateful for the clear structure and time-keeping, which brought me ease about the time being used efficiently…  I enormously appreciated your support, tips and advice during the exercises, which were enlightening and helped me to connect more deeply with myself”. Marleen de Pourcq, Drongen, Belgium, December 2019.

“Very nice venue, and very welcoming atmosphere. I really liked your more spontaneous exercises, and the way you adapted your plans to the group’s needs. I also liked your humour and lightness”. Ilse de Winter, Antwerp, Belgium, December 2019.

“I liked the structure you created for the workshop (on transforming core beliefs). You gave me the time I needed and protected the space for me so that I could feel into myself and complete my own process. I felt supported in a very deep and intensive way”. Catherine Duchateau, Lier, Belgium, August 2019.

“…lots of great techniques and tools for improving the quality of my communication, and a real sense of connection with fellow participants. I feel more confident (after this workshop) to tackle challenging situations in my life and to deal with conflicts”. B.W., Stroud, March 2019.

“Watching you demonstrate… was heartwarming. It gave me great confidence to know that, with practice, I’ll also be able to express myself in difficult circumstances and to bring more authenticity into my life”. A.B., Stroud, March 2019.

“An amazing experience as usual, well-structured and with help given when needed. Gave me ideas about my own work as a therapist. The embodiment exercises showed me interesting things about how I approach daily life”. Anja Oelbracht, Stroud, February 2019.

“I am a bit overwhelmed by the hugeness of changing the patterns of my communication! The empathy exercises we did were very helpful for starting that process. I feel thirsty for more NbC and more opportunities to practise, I’m torn between the relaxing pace of the workshop and ‘wanting more’!” T.L-B., Stroud, February 2019.

“Thank you for a rich and fascinating workshop which has … created a fertile ground for building connection and trust and developing genuine empathy. True friendships have been built which I trust will endure long after the session. Graham is an experienced workshop leader with a great understanding of what individuals and the group need at different moments. He holds the space wonderfully”. Ben Ward, Dursley, February 2019.

“What a testing day in terms of hearing another and responding appropriately! I got that feelings need appreciating first and then how ‘needs’ reveal themselves in layers deeper and more real as we go. The problems of everyday communicating became glaringly clear and we made great inroads in approaching really helpful answers”. Margaret Koolman, Stonehouse, February 2019

“Thanks Graham for more insights. I appreciated the openness, warmth and security of the group and your ability to ‘go with the flow’. The depth and quality of what we did together gives me more hope for my practice”. A.B., Stroud, February 2019.

“Very well presented course with an excellent balance of information, practice and interaction. I take away tools I can apply in my personal life and relationships”. Sebastian Billing, Stroud, January 2019.

“Huge gratitude to you Graham for all that you shared with us about how to tune into feelings and needs both in oneself and in other people. Thank you for challenging us to look within without getting sidetracked. I’m impressed by your ability to stay centred and focussed. Along with the intensity there was also humour and warmth. You’ve given us plenty to think about and to build on. Many thanks”. Josie Cowgill, Stroud, January 2019.

“I really enjoyed the workshop with Graham; I had the time and space to practise the techniques with support and compassion and I can see this is .. something I want to use and explore more.” T.L., Stroud, January 2019.

“I felt grateful for the exercises… You are a gifted teacher who can skilfully reframe tricky situations of stuckness and conflict, and rephrase (expressions) of pain in ways that disarm and heal…” Paul Flinn, Stroud, January 2019.

“Graham supported us to take responsibility for .. our communication and (brought) awareness where once there was ignorance. Myself and my partner are now practising together and it is already helping our ability to cooperate, connect and have conversations on important subjects”. Paul Eagles, Stroud, January 2019.

“This was a totally engaging workshop.. Learning was happening for me on many different levels… Graham created an environment where we were able to learn from one another. The empathy exercises were challenging, in a good way. It was like flexing new muscles. I could see the person I was working with shift into calmness and a comfort that was tangible, just as a result of my using words in a different way…. As well as the exercises and activities he devised and skillfully guided us through, I learned from Graham’s behaviour as a human being. I’m very grateful”. Katherine Jones, Cardiff, January 2019.

“Thank you Graham for your warm and encouraging training which you enlivened by many examples from a group rich with unidentified feelings and needs. You’ve drawn out from us something from deep inside of who we are and what we dream of. Thank you (also) for keeping us focused when we strayed..!” A.B, Stroud, January 2019.

“Great introduction to NbC, a lot of fun. I’d recommend this course to all. Graham brings warmth, humour and passion to this essential work”. Russ Townsend, Sherston, Glos., November 2018.

“Great workshop, … well structured, good support throughout the exercises. Good examples given and plenty of opportunity to play and experience. Very grateful for all you shared with us”. Anja Oelbracht, Stroud, November 2018.

“Enjoyable, interesting, enlightening, very useful and very well presented. Lots to work with! Thank you!” Heather S., Stroud, November 2018.

“I’m grateful for Graham’s experience with core beliefs and the way he facilitated the dancefloor exercise, which brought it alive for me; and for his more edgy, disruptive way of working.” A.L., Colchester, October 2018.

“Much appreciation for the brilliant course at the weekend. I truly enjoyed myself and the way it was crafted suited me very well. The space was held with warm consideration for all of us and there was full clarity about arrangements. (Graham), I enjoyed your energy and directness. The work on triggers was right on the spot for me, what I needed to explore… Thank you!”  R. de B., Hemel Hempstead, October 2018.

“Well facilitated, time-keeping was exceptional, a well-balanced variety of themes to explore, well-prepared, with useful and relevant hand-outs. Deep trust in the experience and expertise of the trainers and how they showed up. Gratitude for the care and support showed by Graham during the process he facilitated for me – deeply moved by the transformative effects I felt as a result of the process.” A.Wilson, Colchester, October 2018.

“A powerful workshop – soul-stirring, does what it says on the tin! (‘Healing the past and creating the life you desire’).  Rich, insightful, core belief work was incredibly moving! Fun and clear energy and presence”. J.W., Colchester, October 2018.

“Enjoyed the process of going from triggers to core beliefs – very useful and helped me to understand more of myself.” Barney Phillips, Colchester, October 2018.

“Graham delivered another set of really challenging and effective workshops at this year’s Rainbow Mill NVC camp. The workshops on shame and core beliefs had a great impact on me – bringing together a lot of strands that I’d been working on for the last few years. I like his style of delivery: direct and supportive – creating an environment to maximise safety and learning. Thank you, Graham – I look forward to working with you again soon.” Sam Dods, Cambridge, August 2018.

“Thanks for holding the perfect space for me to unfold my unresolved past! My first learning about core beliefs was as an observer at your workshop at Rainbow Mill in 2016, which I found powerful, with your expertise, humour, holding and safety for the participants. This year I felt ready to do my own process, and to shake off a core belief of my own. There’s a weight lifted off my shoulders now, can’t wait to get back to do more!”  Catriona Lawless, Galway, Eire, August 2018.

“Thank you for your workshop on “Changing Core Beliefs”. I found it inspiring and useful as it had an immediate result. Your use of tools from (amongst others) Non-violent Communication and NLP, combined with your personal skills, were the basis of an energy that was of great help to the process of your client. I especially liked your integrity towards yourself and your client.” Benine van Vloten, Venlo, Netherlands, June 2018.

“A fantastic session in a wonderfully held space… Thank you Graham for your time spent bringing me closer to understanding NbC a little more and (thus) to helping others by being a better communicator and role model to my family…”. T.L., Bromyard, Worcs.,  April 2018.

“I welcomed the whole-group sharing, as well as the way you divided us into groups in a random way using the cards…  I wanted to share vulnerable aspects of my life and I felt this was held by you and the group… you moved with the level the group wanted to work at in a skilled way – it encouraged me to want to take part in future workshops”. Sophie Francis, Church Stretton, Shropshire,  April 2018.

“To sum up what for me was a great (enjoyable, challenging) day, I feel happy and hopeful despite ‘unfinished business’ which would usually leave me feeling frustrated. I appreciated the progressive manner we delved into things and indeed ourselves. I thought you kept us on track and moving forward in a structured yet very relaxed manner.  Thanks a mil Graham.” N.C., Cleedownton, Shropshire, April 2018.

“Graham offered a core beliefs process which I accepted, curious to see if I really had any such limiting beliefs holding me back. As an experienced NVC practitioner and CNVC certified trainer, I was surprised to quickly find at least 3 such solid core beliefs. We took one of them to work with, about it being ‘my fault’ if people around me got unhappy. The process was very deep, tender, sometimes funny, surprising, touching and transformative at the end!
One week later the same triggers came up in my life, but this time I reacted differently, without a shade of guilt; I was able to protect myself and keep my dignity intact, instead of being dependent on the other person’s reaction. And I continued to feel care for the other person throughout the encounter. The process has already brought me more ease and competence in handling difficult situations without judging and blaming myself. Thank you Graham!” Agnieszka Pawlik, Wroclaw, Poland, February 2017.

“I really enjoyed the inner child process. Although it was challenging at the time, I felt safe and supported by you. I find my head to be quieter since coming back home and my internal critic not as present as previously. I’m also looking forward to working with you in the future!” Iwona Marlei, Poole, Dorset, February 2017.

“Your workshop was an absolute pleasure. I walked away with more tools & knowledge than when I arrived and do look forward to your next visit.” Carol Ivon, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal, November 2017

“Graham emits the frequency of ‘Needs-Based Consciousness’, creating a safe environment where the deepest parts of yourself may be revealed, witnessed and experienced. During a workshop on ‘False Feelings’, whilst I danced around my chosen scenario in an attempt to find the cause of my hurt, Graham was clear and concise, pointing me directly to the heart of the matter. Extremely powerful and extremely significant. The process has since enabled me to explore the issue in my life with greater courage and with greater compassion for myself.” R.Hughes, September 2017

“I would like to thank you, Graham, for taking me through your ‘Transforming Core Beliefs’ dance floor process at camp this summer. I felt very held and secure, and I liked the way you gently guided me at each step, encouraging me to find my truth. (The) workshop has opened up a new way of relating to myself … a new relationship with how I could be within a group of people – definitely more ease, more acceptance of myself.” J.W., August 2017

“(This was) a helpful ‘taster’ workshop providing insight into personal and interpersonal intimacy through various practical exercises in pairs and larger groups. Thought-provoking, self-reflective and fun, the two-hour session explored intimacy in relation to issues of gender, sexuality, love and fear… The trainer was particularly attentive in creating and holding a safe space of trust to encourage openness and courage amongst participants… a genuine work of love and care to help reorientate our society towards authentic and open-hearted connection”. Luis de Sousa Pereira, London, August 2017.

“I loved our empathy group at NVC camp. Thank you for contributing to creating that safe space for me. A lot of things have shifted since: I am feeling a little bit more daring in my daily life and having that space in the empathy group has certainly contributed”.

“The workshop on Transforming Core Beliefs was a very moving experience and it felt very relevant to me. I was glad to witness Graham gently guiding another participant through the process he has developed. I would happily attend another session on this subject.” Marta Pascual Argente, London, August 2017.

“I really enjoyed the Core Beliefs process we did today, your guidance Graham was very clear. I also enjoyed that you put a lot of energy into getting to the core/root of our beliefs by distilling our thoughts, ideas and feelings.
Many needs of mine were met, (such as) inclusion, acceptance, safety, learning, authentic connection and communication and I’m hopeful and excited about what the future will bring now that I said good bye to one of my strongest core beliefs. Thank you Graham for holding the workshop”. Alexandra Lupu, London, July 2017.

“Graham is an assured practitioner, creating safe spaces for people to explore themselves and practise their growth. Very well run and relaxed workshop… The ritual on the river was spectacular!” Tom Hitchman, London, July 2017.

“Thanks, Graham – I loved the care for all, inclusiveness and know-how you brought to the workshop, which met my needs for learning and healing”. Rich Waring, Reading, July 2017.

“I have experienced the transformative power of this (Core Beliefs) process & heartily recommend it as a very important healing tool. Graham facilitates the process sensitively & with authority.”  Peter B., Reading May 2017.

“I really liked the exercise of getting in touch with needs – how they live in you; and the feeling of playful exploration you held alongside us”. H.P., Stroud, November 2016.

“Got in touch with my feelings, needs and beliefs more powerfully [and] in a new way. Understanding now how each is different and my beliefs aren’t reality…. Looking forward to follow up and check out more NVC.” K.S, London, October 2016.

“Your professionalism and caring for letting all of us get the best out of the workshop shows how committed [you are] to help building a community of empathy. Thank you.” C.C., Reading, October 2016.

“Intelligent, logical and consistent…. showed how to boil the ‘story’ and all the extraneous stuff down to the key feelings. Straightforward strategies for how to be understood. Potentially life-changing strategies presented in a simple yet compelling format.” Martin Etheridge, Surrey, October 2016.

“Thankful that these things are ‘out there’ now: named, spoken about without the shame we’ve attached to them. Often the world seems damp, dour and cold – the sun shone and broke myths and has shown me new horizons – a thing of beauty! The group dynamic was wind in the sails of this precious stone-studded workshop, adding new colours to life. Thanks Graham for your needs [which lead you] to do this work which we benefit from.” E.H., London, October 2016.

“Really useful illustrations of how to approach difficult situations in a non-violent way”. Gill Elson, Reading, October 2016.

“Attending this workshop has been very beneficial to me. It has helped me to understand other people more, and more importantly to understand myself more”. Koralea Preedy, Stroud, September 2016.

“I very much enjoyed the course and found it incredibly useful. NbC is potentially life changing, for me and those I communicate with. I would love to deepen my knowledge”. D.S., Stroud, September 2016.

“Before going on this course, I could be very reactive, in an aggressive way… [It] has enabled me to stop and think – story, feelings, needs, action. At last I know where all the emotion is coming from!” Lizzie G., Stroud, September 2016

“Very engaging facilitator… The trust established within the group enabled us to be open and engaged”. Alan Dale, Stroud, September 2016.

“This has been a fantastically helpful workshop because it has given me real insight into how we habitually communicate… I have gained some new tools in how to communicate empathically and look forward to putting it into practice”. Joanna Casey, Stroud, September 2016.

“I found the course really intriguing, and it made me think about what I do”. H.Huntley, Stroud, September 2016.

“.. this is the first time I have really realized how [everyday] language hinders communication… By taking responsibility for my underlying feelings… I have become so much happier”. K.D., Stroud, September 2016.

“This workshop has been very worthwhile as I am learning.. to make peace with myself and the world. Graham’s delivery and explanations have been restorative and positive, he has kept my interest throughout the two days. I would like to deepen my understanding of NVC and learn to use it in my everyday life. Gratitude and thanks.” Su Bittleston, Stroud, September 2016.

“Fantastic! I’ve started thinking differently [about] any situation and I pause and consider the other person’s real feelings and needs”.  Jen Mann, Stroud, September 2016.

“This workshop has really opened up for me the way we all communicate – and often mis-communicate –  our needs, which are consequently left wanting”.  J.Griffiths, Stroud, September 2016.

“The workshops were valuable for me in several ways. I learned a lot from the way you held them – things like choosing who to bring to the ‘dance floor’, and the way you explained very clearly your needs surrounding that. That was empowering to me in itself. The clarity of it, and the way you presented it without apology were a startling revelation of the power of knowing your own limits, what you wanted to achieve and how that could best be done to serve everyone present.

Going through the process was easier than I expected. You were very patient and present without being too intense or expecting, so you gave a lot of space for a genuine response. I had a sense of being protected in a serious but playful way, which supported without creating attachment, if you know what I mean… I  guess I mean, you got out of the way of the flow while expertly directing it when required. So it felt like my achievement that you had merely facilitated.

I admired the way you managed the very tricky moment of looking back and seeing how to incorporate all the met and unmet needs into a new thinking. That seemed quite fluent and natural as people went through it, but actually was very skilfully done. You almost casually offered different thoughts and alternatives, intuitively fishing through everything to find the key elements, recalling things said and the emotional emphasis expressed  at the start of the process that I had already forgotten about.

So overall it was the highlight of the camp for me, and much appreciated. Thank you.” Dorothy O’Grady, Colchester, August 2016.

“Graham supported me and others through a wonderfully effective process for moving beyond old patterns that no longer serve us, in a way that’s dynamic, and creative, and healing, and freeing. It’s also pretty good fun! More please!” Rich Waring, Reading, August 2016.

“During the core belief process I felt really safe. It was easy for me to trust you and open up, so that I could get in touch with my emotions and was not afraid to show them. You gave me time when I needed it and you got me to move when it was neccessary so that at the end I was able to fully embrace my new belief”. Andrea Hechenberger, Salzburg, Austria, July 2016.

“Very enriching, personally and professionally”. Veronica A., Albufeira, Portugal, November 2015.

“I appreciated very much the ‘games’ and sharings in small groups as a way of getting into self-connection and listening/expressing. It was very interesting to learn to start looking at my emotions as a [way] to my needs….  very useful to learn to distinguish between judgments and feelings”. J.Fernandez, Almancil, Portugal, November 2015.

“I felt comfortable and happy with the workshop. It gave me a lot of new ideas about myself. Thanks a lot!” U.G., Cavalheiro, Portugal, November 2015.

“I felt safe and supported doing the [Core Beliefs] process, and appreciated your presence, flexibility, understanding and empathy”. U.K, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal, November 2015

“I’m very glad I joined your workshop on Intimacy! Some things that inspired, supported and served me:
– The exercises were varied and you changed the pairs randomly each time using playing cards
– I could decide how deep I wanted to go with each topic
– You kept track of the time and the structure was clear
– The instructions were clear and understandable
– I liked your energy: dynamic, focused but also gentle and with humour.
Please continue your workshops! They are very helping and inspiring!” Malgorzata Sobiesiak, Lublin, Poland, July 2015.

“I really want to give you feedback/appreciation as your workshops at the European NVC Festival meant so much to me.
At the Intimacy workshop, I loved the way you asked the specific questions clearly and calmly and then gave us time for inner exploration – that was perfect for me to really get into it. You created an atmosphere where we could really share openly about our needs and fears. And the questions you asked opened my eyes as well as my heart. After this workshop I was so aware about some patterns I wanted to change that I dared to open myself and so it changed my experience of the rest of the festival immensely.

The workshop about Inner Child regression also opened my eyes about some of my very unconscious stuff. I really appreciate that you gave this workshop despite being short of time. You doing this inspired me to dare things and try them out!” Melanie, Fynshav, Denmark, July 2015.

“Very useful tools, enlightening and interesting. Wanted more time!”  Jeannine B., Ullenwood, Glos., April 2015

“You did not just tell us what to do, you made us realise it for ourselves. Really appreciated this weekend. I thank you from the bottom of my soul for what you made me find in my heart today. Continue with these courses, it brings fulfilment and happiness in more ways than you can imagine!” Axel Fabricius, Gothenburg, Sweden, January 2015

“You impress me with how clearly you are in touch with your emotions. I really liked the humour mixed with universal truth. It equals the perfect mix!” Isak Alin, Gothenburg, Sweden, January 2015.

“An amazing introduction in such a short time with quite a number of people. It was great to have it ‘from the ground up’ starting from our own experiences early on.” Hettie Peplow, Stroud, January 2015.

“The informal and participatory style facilitated reflection and learning in a non-threatening way … with everyone having the opportunity to engage and be engaged.” Helen Brown, Gloucester, January 2015.

“Content was interesting and far more vibrant than my previous experiences of NVC. Liked it all. Will study further and do additional workshops if available”. Clare Fletcher, Gloucester, January 2015.

“Very much enjoyed the way the workshop unfolded – revealing NbC in a way that allowed me to relate to work and home life situations. Useful, interesting and fun. Thank you!” Philip Booth, Stroud, January 2015.

“What a lovely weekend with some very tender moments in the shared exploration. I really enjoyed the warm and informal presentation of the workshop, helping me to feel integrated with the group. The pace was very relaxed and unhurried but we managed to fit a lot in, I gained insights and engaged with long forgotten questions and longings and rememberings. I really liked the balance between structure and fluidity and thank you for your warmth and humour in holding the space so beautifully. I come away feeling open hearted and nourished.” Loulou B., Bath, December 2014

“Felt significantly safe/held. Content was interesting, pace was perfect. There were moments of fun and Graham balanced these with pace /transitions into the next exercise to stay focused and minimize distraction from our feelings and needs. I met needs for learning, shared experiences, connection and companionship, as well as touch. Also I learnt practical strategies that I can apply to relationships in my life”. A.T., Colchester, December 2014

“A workshop on intimacy where intimacy was definitely created. It was born, explored and developed throughout the two days. As a result I feel more connected to my blocks and my stretches to intimacy, and I also felt closer to the other participants”.  Laura Martinez, London, December 2014

“I’m really happy to have joined for this weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. Even in the moments when it seemed to be getting harder inside, the support of the group created these secure spaces where it was alright to let these things be. I had a lot of fun and at the same time felt challenged and encouraged to go deeper within me with the help of NVC, in order to learn how to be there complete and whole for others (and myself) when needed. Big hug with a grateful heart!” Sara Roda, Portimao, Portugal, October 2014

“I liked the persistence to connect us to our needs, as the pearl from where we make connection… I liked your authenticity, sharing your own feelings and needs with the group…. For me definitely both healing and learning happened.. yes, good value! I would come back”. Ulrike Krampen, Tamera, Portugal, October 2014

“I liked all the exercises and I felt safe and challenged in equal measure. This was truly good work for me … to be more aware and in touch with my feelings and not so absorbed by my thoughts which tend to dominate. I feel the need to go deeper with this work, to bring it in a disciplined way into my life. I will certainly use this process in my personal and professional life, and I will certainly come back for another workshop with this trainer. So please, come back to Portugal!” Carla Guiomar, Santiago, Portugal, October 2014

“Graham, I need to express to you how deeply grateful I am for the Inner Child workshop  you held at camp. I have found it so valuable and self-connecting, reassuring and inspiring. I felt you held the space really well, with a lot of care. Thank you so much. Mmm it feels so good to express my gratitude…” Holly G, Norwich, September 2014

“The content was interesting and well thought-out. I liked the style of presentation, moving smoothly from one exercise to the next. I really liked the speed drills which helped me focus on improving my access to my feelings and needs. Also the practice with empathising in small groups.  My needs for stimulation, personal growth, empathy, fun, connection and acknowledgement were met. I will use what we practised here and look forward to more workshops with Graham!” Helen Lane, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal, April 2014

“Thank you Graham for the smoothness with which the weekend was conducted. It made me feel safe in an environment of community and compassion, thus making it easy to open my heart and heal. It’s been without any doubt a transforming couple of days… I honestly believe I can’t put into words the importance of this past weekend to me.” Nuno Henriques, Faro, Portugal, April 2014.