Editing Services

The Right Word offers a range of English language editing services, from basic text editing through what is called sub-editing in journalism to the traditional sense of editing a whole book.

I like to work in very close co-operation with the original author of the text to ensure that his or her intended meanings are expressed in a consistent and successful way. Often it is also necessary to provide links between passages written at different times or to supply background ideas and explanations which the author has taken for granted. Sometimes a passage needs expanding; at others, I’m likely to suggest cuts in order to make a text more coherent or accessible to the reader.

With the rise in self-publishing over the last two or three decades, many authors are writing in a bubble without the support of editorial review and constructive feedback. As a result, their books may fail to hold readers or repay the investment of time and energy made, not because they lack good ideas, powerful insights or interesting perceptions, but simply because they are hard to read or in some way don’t hang together. It’s very tricky for an author to be truly objective about her or his own work, so if you want to make sure that your precious baby is strong enough to stand up in the outside world once it leaves your desk, try to find an editor!

If you’re looking for an editor for your book and think that I might share your enthusiasm for it, please contact me to discuss sending a sample.