I don’t quote or charge by the word or page. No language is so impoverished that one word can be equated to another and added up like a number. Every text has different registers and levels of complexity, and authors send texts out at different levels of readiness, which require more or less work on the translator’s or editor’s part.

So, I charge in what I consider the fairest way, for my time. That means the actual hours and minutes spent sitting at the computer and working, not for any notional working periods, travelling time (unless face to face consultations are requested, of course), making coffee, taking phone calls from other clients or anything else I should have done before starting the clock!

My rates for translation, language correction and editing are €80 an hour. Communications consulting rates by arrangement.


It’s very hard to know in advance how long the whole process will take, as it also depends on the smoothness of the dialogue between the client and myself. So, I don’t like to give estimates – but maybe you would like to have one anyway! Please bear in mind that, especially with new clients, there may be a certain margin of error. Please start by sending me a sample of the text and I will get back to you promptly.