Transforming core beliefs: spatial map

Core beliefs can be changed. I’ve done it myself and I’ve seen it happen several dozen times now. And it doesn’t have to take 15 years on a psychiatrist’s couch! An hour or two is enough if you’re ready for a shift and have a good coach who understands this kind of work. Here is the process I use in the form of a spatial map which can be laid out on the floor (start at the bottom). I share it here mainly for the curiosity of my trainer colleagues and therapists working in associated fields; it’s not really a DIY process, because of the very nature of Core Beliefs as filters of our reality, and the necessity to both experience the parts of our personality and to stand outside them. Although I have provided some Guidelines, these really are for facilitators; they include technical terms and pre-suppose considerable experience with NbC/ NVC, and are in no way a substitute for a coach who is trained in this method.

For one-off in-person processes, I charge £120 to £160 (depending on your resources; 2019 prices; not available online; plus travel if required), but I much prefer to do the process with a group. A half-day with preparatory  exercises allows all participants to get clear about some of their own core beliefs and to really join the main issue-holder on her or his journey to healing. There are great secondary benefits in witnessing and supporting a process, and very often resonances between the whole group which in turn support the issue holder. A full-day workshop usually allows time for two people to do a transformation and adds richness to the experience.  If there’s no workshop currently announced for you to experience it, please get in touch and we can arrange one.  I also offer ‘train the trainer’ workshops.

Guidelines for the coach or facilitator: page 1, page 2.

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With grateful acknowledgments for inspiration from Byron Katie, Desmond NcNeill-Moss, Yan-Christoph Pelz, Irmtraud Kauschat, Nicole Leipert-Knaup, Kirsten Kristensen, Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrence.