From shame to joy

Some emotional states we experience include a strange mixture of feelings with judgmental thoughts, which makes them tricky to get to grips with. Anger, guilt and shame fall into this category and describe what results when we direct pain-loaded frustration and criticism either at other people or ourselves.

This weekend we go underground and focus mainly on our shame, which I see as the most challenging of these states, and also the most rewarding to explore. On the journey we’ll meet our wounded but ever resourceful Inner Child, we’ll become aware of the paralysing Core Beliefs which frustrate our attempts to realise ourselves and we’ll see the very roots of violence itself. We’ll explore our shame with care and tenderness, and shine light on some dark corners of the soul, where we’ll find precious hidden treasures!

Part of this workshop will take place inside a cold, dark, damp neolithic long barrow. Come well-dressed, and know that we will return to candlelight and a cosy fire!

More background reading on Shame

Stroud, Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th  November, £120 – £180*

Venue TBA.  Contact to book.

*Please choose what to offer based on your resources and your needs. Please talk to me if you are challenged financially to attend. My aim is to include everyone who wants to come whilst also meeting my own needs for sustenance and acknowledgement!