Needs-based Connection in Stroud, 27th November 2016

This workshop is intended as a ‘second stage’ booster for people who have recently attended an introductory level NbC / NVC workshop. There will be plenty there for those of us with a bit more experience under our belts also, and if you’re keen enough, people new to NbC will not be excluded either.

We’ll fill out with more detail some of the areas that were only sketched in up till now, we’ll find out where the sticking points are, and we’ll take advantage of the special opportunities which a group situation offers to practise intensively those exciting new skills which may be hard to hold on to during life’s ups and downs.

I will prepare a variety of themes and topics which we can adapt to whatever participants bring on the day. I believe in learning from wherever we are right now, rather than imposing a predetermined schedule. However the day unfolds, we’ll be working as usual with the interplay between thoughts and feelings, and constantly tracking these back to a deeper experience of the universal human needs through which our life force expresses itself.


resting the sciaticaThe workshop is facilitated by Graham Timmins. 

Choose what fees you are able and willing to
pay, on a sliding scale from £50 – £100. Please consider both your own resources and my needs for economic support. Welcome to discuss this, and don’t let ‘the money’ stop you from coming!

I would like to limit the numbers to 15 to allow more time for going into some individual life stories, so why not reserve your place today!

Enquiries, contact 
Graham on 0796 792 1311 or at [email protected]fo


Venue Stratford Park Museum, Stroud

Date:     Sunday 27th November

Time:    10:00 – 17:00

Doors open 09:30. Come early to have a cuppa and settle in, we start on time!

Refreshments provided, bring vegetarian lunch to share.